Having a dental examination at least once a year is a key part of maintaining good dental health.

Any problems can then be identified at an early stage and more easily rectified. Not only do we check the teeth and any restorations, such as fillings or crowns but we routinely check the gums for signs of disease. We also do routine soft tissue examinations to ensure no unhealthy conditions are found. We can also check the jaw joint, external facial skin and underlying muscles for problems.

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Prevent Dental Health Issues

Often other tests will help get a more robust picture of the health or likewise of these structures. We may take X-rays or shine a bright light around to check for more hidden problems. We may not do this every time but enough to catch problems early.

General Dental - Australind Dental Centre

Gum Disease

Gum disease is often a silent long term problem. Many people would be unaware they had a problem until they found they had breath issues or bleeding gums. By the time teeth start getting loose it may be quite advanced! It is known to be hereditary, but sometimes other general health issues can be present, such as diabetes. Smoking is a guaranteed way of giving your gums grief.

Scale and Clean

Most people require a scale and clean at least once  a year. Some people for various reasons seem to be good producers of tartar, the hard buildup around the teeth, which inflames the gums. They should come at least twice a year for cleaning to keep it under control. It will also freshen the breath.

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Disease Prevention

There are many diseases that occur in the mouth. Many of the skin diseases can also show up in the mouth. Many medications can also affect the gums and soft tissues.  Our oral cancer screening can help pick up these problems early. Some reddish or white lesions can be a precursor for cancer so we need to check these and refer where necessary.

Prevention is Better Than Cure – Often Cheaper too!

One thing that is often difficult is predicting if a tooth will break, especially when it could occur at a most inconvenient time, such as on a long trip. However, coming in prior to a holiday is a sensible precaution to identify and fix potential problems. If you work FIFO it can be a big deal to have to return home with a dental problem, whilst on the job.

As you can see a General Dental examination is very important, book yours today at Australind Dental Centre by calling us on 08 9725 8812.

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