Extractions are the main oral surgical treatment available at Australind Dental Centre. Surprisingly few extractions are required on a weekly basis as more and more patients elect to save teeth with root canal treatment where possible. 

We generally have emergency appointments available every day if you do need an extraction or a root canal started. 

Most extractions can be done in the dental chair under local anaesthetic. A few can be more tricky due to curved roots, thick bone, lack of tooth above gum line or other biological reasons. While many people are anxious about extractions, often they are easier than expected. We will always need an X-ray to assess the degree of difficulty and to plan the method of extraction. 

Some extractions may be judged too tricky to be done locally and we have some wonderfully talented and trusted specialists we can refer you to. They also have access to sedation or general anaesthetic options if needed. 

Biopsies of Lumps and Bumps

Other oral surgical procedures we do are biopsies of lumps and bumps in the mouth that need to be removed due to their suspect nature or if they are causing problems. Again, depending on the nature of the problem, a referral may be necessary. 

Removal Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment

It is still not unusual to remove teeth for orthodontic treatment. We are happy to help with this and to make sure you are as comfortable as possible for this procedure. Often two teeth on one side are done at one appointment and the opposite two at the next, so you at least have a side available to eat with!

Wisdom Teeth 

Wisdom teeth are a common problem for many people. They are often stuck part way through the gum, which makes them difficult to clean and can lead to infection and decay. If your wisdom teeth are repeatedly causing problems we are likely to recommend their removal. They are often more difficult extractions so a referral for a general anaesthetic is not uncommon.

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Please don’t stress. Let Australind Dental Centre advise you what your best options are.